Box Paloma III


Discover the new collection of Limoges porcelain decorative objects. Paloma is a box with soft lines, where colored gems blend endlessly with pure white biscuit. Can be used as a tea box, or simply as a decorative box.

Manufacturing :
Each piece is unique. Limoges porcelain, made by French craftsmen. Handmade setting made of 24-carat gold-plated pewter and adorned with three semi-precious stones with protective properties.

Dimensions :
Base: 9cm. Height: 10cm.

NB: The stones are natural materials, the final colors may not be strictly identical to those of the photo.


Why is each creation unique?

All jewelry is produced in small series by Parisian artisans. Handmade, each piece has slight irregularities which makes them so precious.

The creations are made from materials and natural stones with their own shades, which the designer takes care to select one by one in order to guarantee their quality.


Want more stones? The designer accompanies you in the design of a tailor-made jewel, personalized according to your desires.