The brand

“More than an adornment, the jewel is the reflection of our identity, our personality, but also that of our position on the world. That's why I believe in objects that have a story, that something that gives them an 'extra soul'. Unique creations, born from the hand of the craftsman, 'vibrant' with colors, which reveal an emotion, a particular meaning for the woman who wears them. Which gives them self-confidence while allowing them to reveal their difference.”


Hélène Prime - Créatrice de bijoux - Paris

The creator

Collector of old jewelry and hunter of objects, having fun as a young girl to divert her jackets by personalizing them to stand out, Hélène trained at the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne and at the IFM. She expresses her passion for the mix of colors and materials through 10 years of experience as an interior designer, before turning to training in artisanal jewelry.

She created her eponymous brand of haute-fantasy jewelry in 2015, with the desire to renew the tradition of semi-precious stones by emphasizing the unique character of each piece. Her love of colored gems pushes her to deploy her creativity beyond jewelry, now also adorning decorative objects, thus merging her two lifelong passions.

Manchette en corne, Turquoises, Pierres Semi Précieuses, Fait main à Paris, Bijoux Sur Mesure

A state of mind

Hélène Prime invites women to express their originality, to make their life a rich and colorful world through jewelry and exceptional objects for the home, while offering them the freedom to create unique pieces, in their image.

Manchette en corne, Pierres Semi Précieuses, Fait main à Paris, Bijoux Sur Mesure


Designed around colored stones that the designer takes care to select one by one, the collections are timeless, authentic and lively.

Precious objects with a graphic design, pure and feminine, noble materials (such as horn, leather and wood) combine with natural gems for women in search of singular elegance.

Boîte en porcelaine, Pierres Semi Précieuses, Objets déco, Hélène Prime, Marque bijou créateur, Fait Main à Paris

The 'handmade'

All creations are produced in small series or unique pieces. Valuing French craftsmanship and quality manufacturing, the designer entrusts the metal work to Parisian craftsmen (casting, welding, gilding). She then comes herself to set each setting and each stone by hand in her workshop.

The fruit of this work: 'handmade' pieces with slight irregularities that make the character so precious of each piece of jewellery.

“Creating pieces as unique as the women who wear them.”


Concerned about the unique character of each, the designer offers women the freedom to design tailor-made models. She advises them in the choice of stones and materials in order to give them the privilege of wearing personalized jewelry, according to their desires.

For each woman, infinite possibilities! Let yourself be surprised by the emotion of a color, the touch of a material, the rounded shape of a pebble-like stone... Or be guided by the protective virtues of these stones so powerful in energy... Getting caught up in the game of associations becomes a unique experience.

“An invitation to escape and play... allowing you to reconnect with yourself, your instincts, your child's soul, and thus reveal your entire palette of inner colors.”

Hotel Elfenn Marakech


Hélène draws her creativity from travel, particularly Africa and Asia, naturalness, prints and interior decoration... but also from the women who inspire her, both strong and sensitive, who find in them the audacity to realize their dreams and express their difference.

The names of the models thus evoke its various sources of inspiration such as the Gaïa cuff, Thelma & Louise rings, or Jaipur earrings.

Hélène Prime, Marque bijoux créateur, Mère Fille

A mother-daughter duo

Jewels are also precious objects that are passed on from mother to daughter... A passion for stones that Hélène shares with her daughter Giulia, who decides to join the adventure in 2020. The brand is now taking shape in the light of a new mother-daughter duo, as complicit as they are ambitious!