Stone of communication and intuition.


Communication :

Attached to the power of communication, lapis lazuli brings confidence and courage, freeing oral expression. This stone is also that of listening, of reason. It promotes taking a step back from the eyes of others and judgments. It develops a climate of sympathy, of benevolence of others towards oneself.

Intuition :

Lapis lazuli allows you to develop your understanding of the world and of yourself. It is an instrument that encourages wisdom and meditation, and an excellent way to develop extra-sensory gifts: intuition and clairvoyance. Indeed, this stone would help us better remember our dreams and especially to demystify their hidden meaning.


Considered the stone of the gods, lapis lazuli was used in particular by the Egyptians to make jewelry, amulets and many objects for the pharaohs. This stone adorned funeral masks in particular in order to accompany the deceased in the afterlife to protect them.

Main deposits

Afghanistan, Chile.