Stone of change, discernment and serenity.


Change :

A stone of change par excellence, malachite encourages risk-taking and renewal. It allows you to organize your ideas and get out of your comfort zone, taking more risks while mastering the situation.

Discernment towards others:

Malachite is also an ally when it comes to its relationship with others. It is a stone that helps to develop one's instinct, discernment and judgement. It increases empathy and improves relationships with others.

Serenity :

Finally, malachite is known to promote the balance of energies. It allows you to release difficult or negative emotions, to gradually regain serenity.


The Egyptians considered malachite the stone of rebirth and eternal youth. The Beyond was also for them the “domain of malachite”. In Egyptian mythology, Hathor, goddess of love and beauty, was also referred to as the “mistress of malachite, turquoise and lapis lazuli”. The Egyptians, like the Romans, also wore it as a protective amulet.

Main deposits

Australia, Brazil, Chile, Congo, United States, France, Israel, Russia.